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Nashrin Khatoon joined HUHT in 2006 and shall be appearing for madhyamik this year (2017). Her parents were against educating the girl child and were more keen to educate their son. But she fought against all odds and only by her own will power and wish has she managed to sail so far. Now her mother is extremely happy since amongst all the siblings she is the only one who has come so far in the field of education.
Shayan Banik had lost his father at a very young age. His mother went on to work as a cook and made him join HUHT in class V. He completed his madhyamik here. He was very good at swimming and participated in several district and state level competitions. Now is working as a Life Guard for several institutions.
Surojeet Mondal has been associated with HUHT since 2006 and successfully completed his Higher Secondary with us. His father is a day labourer and mother a housewife. Once he completed his HS with HUHT, he went on to do a course on Land Surveyor. Now he is successfully working in that profession and also teaching in the primary department of our school.evel competitions. Now is working as a Life Guard for several institutions.
Md. Irshad Ilam is 14 years old and lives in Mallickpur with his three sisters and one brother. His eldest sister is married, second sister is physically handicapped and the youngest is studying. His father wanted him to be a Moulabi Sahib and admitted him to a Madrasa School. Irshad wanted to take up a regular job. So, he approached Help Us Help Them. The school gave him admission as a level primary students. He is now in class IV and wants to appear for Madhyamik examination. As his father is the only earning member of the family, he has to face a lot of struggle to make his dream a reality.