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Fund Raiser
Exp. Required:
3 – 4 years

Graduate or a MBA

Job Profile:
Participates in the development and implementation of strategies for HUHT which are aligned with organisation’s overall mission, vision values and strategies

• Participates in the development of the HUHT’s strategies
• Developing strategies and setting goals to hit fundraising targets
• Writing proposals that could attract money, including applications for grants
• Preparing and giving presentations
• Liaising with the fundraising team
• Overseeing events and campaigns
• Develops and implements marketing and sales strategies that support achievement of the organization’s goals
• Monitors status regularly and adjusts strategies as appropriate
• Develops the annual budget in conjunction with the Executive Team

Achieves revenue goals by directing the group and transient fund raising strategies

• Analyses Fund raising statistics to determine profitability of sold business and opportunities within the market
• Develops and implements public relations and advertising campaigns
• Ensure all materials used to market the HUHT are in accordance with organization standards

Creates 100% Fund raisers satisfaction by providing detailed expenses done with the money they have contributed!

• Communicates and reinforces the vision to all the existing fund raisers
• Uses teamwork to support fund raisers and employees
• Seeks opportunities to improve the fund raising experience by seeking their feedback and reviewing management reports and developing strategies to improve department and HUHT services

Develops and implements strategies and practices which support employee engagement

• Recruits and selects qualified candidates
• Provides employees with the orientation and training needed to understand expectations and perform job responsibilities
• Communicates performance expectations and provides employees with on-going feedback
• Provides employees with coaching and counselling as needed to achieve performance objectives
Exp. Required:
8-10 years in Teaching/English medium background

Graduate (any stream)/Masters’ Degree will be preferred
B. Ed mandatory
Job Profile:
To Supervise all school personnel, directly and/or indirectly
To serve as Teacher-In Charge of a school in developing and implementing policies, programs, curriculum activities, and budgets in a manner that promotes the    educational development of each student and the professional development of each staff member.
To maintain good relationships with students, staff, and parents. The principal complies with established lines of authority.
To orient and assist new staff and new students and provides opportunities for their input in the school program
To manage, direct and maintain records on the materials, supplies and equipment which are necessary to carry out the daily school routine.
To make sure that programs and activities are being laid out efficiently and as effectively as possible. Ensure that the activities implemented are of good quality and relevant to the mission and vision of the organization.
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